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As you might imagine, fuel is MAF’s lifeblood. Without it, our airplanes could not deliver help, hope, and healing to isolated people around the world.

So many people depend on MAF … medical patients needing emergency evacuations … evangelists and Bible translators working deep in the jungle … disaster victims without food and water … and entire communities in need of the Savior. For their sakes, we must keep flying!

Every MAF flight matters to someone, and every flight needs fuel to make it happen. But we need your help to keep our aircraft fueled and ready to serve.

The avgas and jet fuel that power our planes are our largest operational expense. Since we put together our 2021 budget, the price of jet fuel has increased 85 percent.

Your generosity will send our aircraft to the ends of the earth—to isolated people in desperate need of help, hope, and healing.

Will you help fuel MAF airplanes so we can continue to reach people living in some of the most remote places on the planet with the transforming love of Christ?

Thank you!

We cannot know what urgent situations will arise in any given year, and we must be ready.