Partner with MAF

The needs of isolated people are many: medical care, educational opportunities, community development, trained church leaders, opportunities to hear the Gospel, and the list goes on. As such, it takes many people working together so that people living in remote areas can experience the love of Jesus and be physically and spiritually transformed.

You can be a part of bringing the love of Jesus Christ to isolated people—even if you don't know how to land a small plane on a jungle airstrip.

Ways You Can Partner with MAF


Prayer is the most important part of MAF's ministry. Prayer Connection is a great way to stay connected to ways you can pray for MAF missionaries and the people they serve.


Your gifts bring hope to people in remote places. There are many ways you can use your finances to make a difference.



MAF Volunteers and Advocates play a key part in MAF's ministry—with roles as diverse as being a machine shop technician to spreading the word about MAF right where you live.


Church Partnerships

Church partnership is crucial to MAF. By partnering with MAF, your church can be involved in the work God is doing around the world. Find out more by visiting our Church Resources page.