Brad and Susan Rhoads

Brad and Susan Rhoads are serving in the MAF home office. Brad is now the project manager implementing a new Aviation Management System (AMS). What's an AMS? In short, to keep our aircraft airworthy, an AMS keeps track of every little piece of every plane all around the world. Brad is excited to be part of a project that is so important to the operations and safety in our work around the world.

Brad was born in the western suburbs of Chicago. He had faithful Christian parents who sent him to Boys' Brigade Camp when he was nine. He remembers walking across the dark cabin to pray with his counselor and accept Christ as his savior. The road from that youth camp to service with MAF has included missions, education, and industry.

Brad's academic career started with a B.A. in Computer Information Science (Judson College), followed by graduate studies in Instructional Technology (Northern Illinois University), Computer Science (DePaul University), and Intercultural Studies (Moody Graduate School). Before joining MAF, Brad spent 17 years in the industry as a computer programmer/analyst and project manager, including ten years of running his own computer consulting company.

Susan was born in Mendota, IL, and moved to nearby Princeton as a young child. Her parents lived out their faith every day with their five children, and Susan accepted that faith as her own at the age of eight. Susan earned her B.A. in Chemistry at Judson College, where she and Brad met. She continued her study of chemistry (Northwestern University) and received an Illinois teaching certificate (Northern Illinois University) before teaching at Wheaton Academy.

God called Brad and Susan to begin serving with MAF in 2007-first from the home office in Idaho and then in Costa Rica. They count their time in Costa Rica as a blessing and are now happy to be back in Idaho with the extra benefit of having Susan's mom in their home.

God calls the men and women of MAF to serve Him in unique ways. He may also be calling you to a unique role in Brad and Susan's ministry. Please, prayerfully consider becoming a ministry partner with them through prayer and financial support.

Country of Service


USA, Technical Field Support

The U.S. offices of MAF serve as a hub for MAF services worldwide. A day in the life here includes specialized flight training, staff mobilization and counseling, purchasing and shipping of aircraft parts, finance and accounting, administration of an Internet gateway for worldwide email, fund raising, printing and mailing of various materials, and many, many more activities. Some staff serve around the country; training future pilots and mobilizing potential candidates to serve with MAF.

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