Serve Overseas: FAQs


What are the general qualifications to join MAF?

What does MAF require of the spouse?

Does MAF require the spouse to have 12 units of Bible?

How can Bible requirements be met?

Do I have to raise my own support?

Does MAF-US accept non-US citizens?

What are the educational options for MAF children?

Can I choose where I will serve?


Are there age requirements for pilots?

Does MAF accept female pilots?

What is the length of a term of service overseas?

Does MAF require language school?

Can I choose where I will serve?

Where does MAF-US work?

Aircraft Mechanics

Do I need an Inspector’s Authorization?

Is turbine experience required?

What if I've only worked in the airlines on large aircraft?

Do you have short-term opportunities for A&P mechanics?

Do I need to know a foreign language?

Pilots (only)

As a pilot, do I have to have the Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics "A&P" license?

Can I fly short- term for MAF?


Why do you require teachers to have State or ACSI teacher certification?

Do you accept teachers who have just graduated from college?

Do Short-Term Associate (STA) teachers need to raise support (ministry partnership)?

Where do you place teachers?

Do you give teachers any training before they leave for their overseas assignment?

Who decides where a teacher is assigned?

Technology Resources

Does MAF need programmers?

What type of technology experience do I need to join the Technology Resources group of MAF?

Do you have short-term opportunities for IT specialists?

Can I work from my home and do IT over the internet?

What type of IT work is done in the MAF home office?

What type of technology work is done at MAF field programs?