Be a Voice for Isolated People

Through the volunteer ministry of the MAF Advocate Wing, you can serve the Lord, transform lives, and be part of building God's kingdom worldwide ... right where you live.

Serve as a Ministry Advocate with MAF and connect your friends, family, acquaintances, church, and other local groups with the ministry of MAF. Be a part of the great work God is doing by speaking on behalf of isolated people living in remote areas around the globe that are cut off from the Gospel or life-sustaining resources. Share about the hope and transformation that MAF helps bring these people every day.

MAF Advocates inform others about the impact that people can have through MAF and inspire others to partner with MAF’s ministry. We provide the training, resources, and support you’ll need so that you can play a part in transforming the lives of isolated people with the love of Jesus Christ.

Are you ready to make a difference?


  • One year commitment
  • Presents the ministry of MAF to individuals and groups eight or more times per year

Full List (PDF)


  • A growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A heart for reaching isolated people with the Gospel
  • Active involvement in a local church

Full List (PDF)

Being an MAF Advocate gives me the opportunity to connect to people in my own sphere and sharing stories from the field, inspiring fellow believers and causing non-believers to question "why?"
— Brent Shaw (OK)
I enjoy representing MAF at events with lots of people present, but what I enjoy most as an MAF Advocate is one-on-one conversations.
— James Wauford (GA)
Teaching people about the work of MAF and how we can use aircraft and technology to save lives and serve God is what being an MAF Advocate is all about!
— Paul Damschen (AZ)
I love to fly and being an MAF Advocate allows me the opportunity to talk about missions and airplanes at the same time!
— Jamie Callaway (GA)