SOAR! VBS Starter Kit

Take Off with the Starter Kit!

VBS SOAR Starter Kit

Only $139.99

*Kits start shipping January 6th, 2020

Your starter kit includes everything you need for an impactful Vacation Bible School:

  • Director's Manual

    • Tools/resources for every aspect of creating a successful program

  • Leader Guides

    • The Hangar, Arrivals/Departures, Flight School, AirCRAFT Station, Flight Fitness, Fueling Station, Team Takeoff, Set Design, and Crew Captain Guide

  • 2 Thumb Drives

    • Print Resources — masters for all learning stations and clip art for decorating.

    • Media Resources — song collection, videos, visuals and more.

  • SOAR! Hat for Pilot Pete

    • Pilot Pete leads the week-long discovery of who Jesus is and how we can partner to take the love of Jesus to the ends of the earth!

  • Windsock

    • The main stage pilot's resource and reminder to follow where the Good Shepherd leads.

A Typical Day at SOAR! VBS

How Your Kids will

As part of the daily flight plan, kids discover who Jesus is, travel to unique locations around the world, and learn how they can be a part of God's mission!


Songs to Store in the Heart

With memorable songs your kids will love, the music of SOAR! is designed to instill a love for Jesus and a desire to share his love with others deep within your kids' hearts!


    World Missions

    Making the World of Missions Real

    SOAR! uses creative skits, videos, and hands-on activities to introduce kids to MAF’s staff and their many mission partners who take the love of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Here’s a sneak-peek at two of the 21 on-location videos that will bring missions to life!

    More Information

    Still Have Questions?

    Here are some answers that may help! Or connect with one of our staff members to learn more about SOAR! and how it can meet the unique VBS needs of your church.