StoryFire - Bible Storytelling & Discussion

Share God's story, set hearts on fire!

StoryFire is a six-part series that trains you how to share God's Word through Bible storytelling and discussion. Based on the same principles MAF uses to train isolated church leaders around the world, StoryFire is now available for free download. Anyone can master this effective ministry tool in 25 short audio lessons!

Discover how to use Bible stories to uncover biblical truths as you lead others in lively discussions about God's Word. Whether you want to use this with a small group, or lead family devotions, or practice with your short-term mission's team, this free series will prepare you to share bible stories and lead interactive discussion. You can even teach this method to others using our step-by-step StoryFire Leader's Guide.

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The StoryFire Series

Explore how to tell Bible stories and lead interactive discussions with this six-part training series.

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Section 1 - Overview


Section 2 - StoryFire Models


Section 3 - Learn the Story


Section 4 - Present the Story


Section 5 - Review the Story


Section 6 - Discussion




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