Papua, Indonesia

Papua, Indonesia

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Papua is located on the western half of the world's second-largest island, New Guinea. Not to be confused with Papua New Guinea on the other side of the island, the Indonesian province of Papua is home to some of the most remote people groups on earth. Rugged mountains, dense jungles, and active volcanoes stand in the way of more than 250 ethnic groups and the outside world.

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Papua (main)

Base in Merauke

  • Office: +62-971-333-0402

Base in Nabire

  • Office: +62‐984‐213‐42

Base in Sentani

  • Office: +62‐967‐591‐109

Base in Timika

  • Office: +62‐901‐322‐790

Base in Wamena

  • Office: +62‐969‐312‐63